Comfort Zone

Written and Directed By Jackie Grieff
Produced by LaTanika “Lala” Wallace

Autumn, a young college student, digs up a repressed trauma and has to figure out how to deal with her mental world falling apart, and her physical life from dragging on.

Autumn goes to school, to work, to home, and has nothing to look forward to, and no one she cares about. A lady brings a dog into her work and sparks a memory of a dog she had as a child. In her attempt to dig up the memory she finds a repressed trauma and shuts down. As he tries to remember what happened to her, her physiological anguish become personified in her mind. She gets fired from her job and slowly becomes more and more mentally unstable. She’s is fighting herself between wanting to know what has happened to her, or repressing the memory again. She triggers the memory to reappear again and it nearly attacks her before she realizes that she needed to face her past, find a voice for her anger, and seek out friendship in order to heal before her life can move on.

This project is currently in production and it’ll wrap at the end of May, 2012.


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