Gary Coates is a Media Color Guru!

Last Wednesday night I had the pleasure of participating in a 2 hour motion picture color finishing workshop with the graciously talented Colorflow Post Senior Colorist Gary Coates. He shared with us many useful tips and tools to help us enhance our films using in Final Cut Pro’s color effects. Even though he gave us a great presentation, there were a few sections that were just way too advanced for me to comprehend, but here are some notes I was able to jot down.

  1. Make sure to balance your RGBs first. The important rule with this is to remember that you only need to adjust your colors by a few increments. 5 points can go a long way.
  2. Next do your gamma correction. .85 is the default.
  3. Use the 3-way color correction next to get it to the color you desire.
  4. Don’t forget to utilize your mattes and utilities. Just don’t over use them, or use them poorly. Those would be:

My favorite tip of the night, was when he showed us 5D & 7D users that if we Desaturation our color by 20% it’ll look closer to film. He also highly recommends Black Magic’s Davinci Resolve. He compared it to eating at 5 star restaurant =)

check out his recent work.


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