My Web Design class wrap up.

So it is the last day in my Web Design class with Marc Smolowitz. The objectives of this class were to:

  • Design blogs, both in the form an interactive personal website and in the form of a collective website, including the development of a site map, a content strategy, a functionality plan, and goals for user experience.
  • Showcase original content on both blogs and aggregated content from third party platforms on both blogs, including text, photo, video, and audio.
  • Develop a social media ecosystem and strategy that bridges personal, professional and creative interests.
  • Apply preliminary back-end techniques for dynamic web blogs.
  • Survey software applications for web page construction.
  • Research and monitor current trends in the web design and new media industry, especially as it relates to filmmaking and storytelling.
I feel as if I have learned, understood, and demonstrated each of those objectives. Although I could have and should demonstrate more of them better, I am glad that I had the opportunity to understand them now, o I can put them in better practice.
What I learned about myself and social networking, is that I am not really a “blogger” kind of person. I love talking about my projects, but that’s about it. I just don’t have the same interests as others. Therefore it’s difficult for me to comment, or reblog people’s posts and content.

However, if I do find something interesting, I found out that I can become OBSESSED with those things! For example, my friend Dominic Mercurio, really loves this band “IamamIwhoamI”. Through his posts about them on his wordpress and Tumblr, I began getting into them too. I became so infatuated with their work that they inspired me to change my senior thesis to something more artistically creative and heavily symbolic. I am now an “IamamIwhoamI” troll!!

Web Design Prezi


My SU12 Quarter Classes.

I just registered for my classes next quarter. Here is my schedule.

I have 5 quarters left, which is approximately 16 months.

Journalism – Monday 6-10Pm

Senior Project Preparation – Thursday 8-12Pm

Effective Speaking – Thursday 1-5Pm

Producer’s Log_4/15/12_10:11:17

In December I produced a music video for Mac Mall. It was directed by Matt West and shot and edited by Berto Mora. It hit the internet 5 days ago and now has over 40,000 views and it headlined the Oakland International film festival on 4/7/12.

I am so proud of team!! We busted our behinds and it worked out better then any of us could have anticipated! Out comes like this truly make me appreciate the amazing people I work with and knowing that this is just the beginning keeps me pushing on for the future!

I’d also like to that Yuvani Santamaria for production and post audio. Eric Bell for gripping. David McAdams for transportation support. Christopher Leonard for SWAT costumes and props. Reel Eagle Studio for studio rental, set construction, costume, props, and gear handling.

Special thanks to Josh Watts and Parker Aylesworth!

Rebellion Against All There Is.