Starring- Carl Schreiber, Jessica Buchleitner
Written and Directed By- Christopher Leonard
Producer- LaTanika “Lala” Wallace

For rookie Almaden Police Officer Derek Cooper, his first shift riding solo is like any other: micromanagement from his superiors, petty offenses, and the constant challenge of balancing compassionate service with aggressive authority.  Worlds collide when Derek takes interest in a struggling single mom on the same day that a pair of career criminals set up shop in the quiet town.  As the sun sets on Almaden, the young officer finds that his every action has an effect on the community he protects: a place where nothing, even Derek himself, is quite what it seems.

A-TOWN is intended to be a pilot for a television series, but it enjoyed a special 10-day screening engagement at the Alameda Theatre & Cineplex, selling out 6 of 13 shows. In July 2011, A-TOWN won East Bay Express Best of the East Bay award for Best Local Film! The producers hope that you will take a moment to enjoy the A-TOWN trailerto get an idea of what our film looks like. And if you really like it, you can purchase the DVD here!


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